Ice Cream for Blazing Weather in Singapore

At Mingo Ice Cream, ice cream is more than just a dessert. It’s a vacation from the everyday.

With the blazing weather in Singapore (it is getting worse, in fact); we at Mingo Ice Cream are on a mission. A mission to provide delicious, handcrafted ice cream made from only quality, natural ingredients to refresh your sunny day. We put our heart and soul into making sure each batch of our ice cream will be made fresh without using any additives. We are a team of people who are passionately driven to create a joyful, flavorful experience for our customers with every taste.

Our philosophy is to use the best ingredients available, and always in abundance. Our customers delight in the enjoyment of simple, real, delicious ice cream made from our own Mingo SoFresh milk, and we delight in making it.

We have various ranges to cater every Singaporeans’ needs; namely, Rokka, Impact, Oasis, Fruttega as well as Fruitesia. Our ice creams are low in fat and calories so it would not be a guilty pleasure to indulge in it; just pure pleasure. We have put in tremendous efforts to enhance our recipe so that our ice creams are velvety and smooth. We have a wide selection of flavours. 24 in the Mingo range and the other ranges have 3 to 4 flavours to choose from. Our ice lollies and popsicles are purposely crafted to quench your thirst during the blazing hot weather in Singapore. What makes Mingo Ice Creams so good? Plenty of T.L.C goes into every scoop!

Do visit our website at for more information. Be Easy! Stay Cold.


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