Techniques to Cook Sweet Corn on The Cob

Sweet corn on the cob, slathered with butter and salt likely takes you down the memory lane; when we used to buy it from the night market weekly. No matter what technique is used, it is undeniable that sweet corn is Malaysia’s favourite vegetable. Here are 3 of our favourite and most efficient techniques to prepare the healthy snack that tingles our taste buds every single time.


The classic way of preparing sweet corn is through boiling. A flat, wide pan can be used to boil a corn or a stockpot to boil a huge batch at once. Fill they pan with water until it covers the corn fully and wait till it boils. The outer husk and corn silk is shucked off. A tablespoon of salt is dissolved in the water to enhance the taste of the corn. Cook it for 5 minutes; never leave it for more than 7 minutes or it will be too soggy and overcooked.


If you are looking to save some gas, then this is the way. However, this method only allows for maximum 2 corn cobs at a time. Leave the corn cobs in their husks and microwave them on high for 4 to 6 minutes. Never go more than that. Let them cool so that it is easier to handle. Then, shuck of the silk and husk.


Grilling the corn gives a smoky flavour that is loved by children and adult alike. Peel the husk, but leave them attached at the stem. Brush the corn with butter or olive oil after removing all the corn silk. Cover the corn with the husks and secure them closed by tying a string around it. Do not forget to turn occasionally to ensure even cooking, until the husks are toasted. This is the longest process of all, it takes about 15 minutes. Once the husks looks burnt enough, wait for the corn cob to cool, strip it off and voila!

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