How to Choose a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser System

Choosing a hot and cold water dispenser for yourself can be quite a difficult task; Add to that mix the wide range of dispenser types you can choose from, its own set of pros and cons, and an extensive list of cooler options… All of that could give you a breakdown trying to make the best choice.

Whatever the reason, here you will find everything you need to know to choose the best drinking water option for you.

Access to plumbing
Whether or not you have the existing infrastructure required for these types of units is irrelevant. Most companies that provide connected drives have the tools and knowledge to “connect” you.

Use of the water dispenser
Another big influencing factor to consider is the number of people who will use this machine on a daily basis. If you have more than 200 staff members who drink a pitcher of water per day or have four people who drink a pitcher a day, the water solution will be different.

Features of the water cooler
Do you only need cold water? Do you need hot and cold water in the tap? Take into account the limitations of each machine.

Most self-contained water dispensers have hot/cold functionality but lack the CO2 cylinder needed to dispense sparkling water. However, some units require much more maintenance.

Easy to use
Think about where the water dispenser will be placed. If it is in an office, try to choose a model that is easy to use, without the need for a prior explanation.

Is the dispenser location clean and quiet in nature? Or will it need to be able to withstand some bumps and dirty hands? Water dispensers, while only requiring a single three-point outlet, have higher requirements in terms of handling. They must be handled with care.

Is it reliable and clean, or is it unstable and of questionable quality? Poor water quality will affect the taste of the unit and the availability of potable water. Always check with your water supplier if they deliver in your area or if the supply is direct.

Drinking water dispenser prices vary due to size, aesthetics, special features, and application.

Several models offer internal or external space for storing glasses, thus facilitating filling glasses or any other container.

Drip tray
Removable drip trays help clean and avoid a mess. And that the area where the dispenser does not get flooded with water.

Conversion kits
This is a must-have feature to help dispenser technician systems provide water from existing water lines.

Safer tap for hot water
This feature will help prevent accidental spills of hot water by children while making it easy and simple for adults to dispense.

When buying a hot and cold water dispenser, remember that the equipment you will purchase must have all or at least most of the characteristics that we mention throughout this post. In our page, Pere Ocean, we have thought of you and all your needs, so we have at your disposal the best and all types of water dispensers. Check with us!